API Manufacturing & Advanced Intermediates

All our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, thus allowing flexibility to work with a wide range of chemical reactions and products while performing the final stages of manufacturing in a pharmaceutical environment.

The diversity and flexibility of our equipment allows working with small-scale (kilo lab) and large-scale commercial productions, thus ensuring similar equipment trains at all stages to minimize potential scale-up problems.

In addition, we operate under cGMPs at all our sites and at all scales, with inspections conducted by different health authorities (CFDA, U.S. FDA, EDQM & EMA...) on a regular basis.

Because our customers' needs may change during the lifetime of their project, the initial planning may need to be readapted. Our multi-purpose sites are strategically located in various countries, thus allowing providing our customers with a better life-cycle management of their products. This flexibility applies to all stages of the project, from R&D to validation and commercial production.

The investments made by SUNASIA focus on providing all our sites with the same special technologies that allow us to manufacture any product at any site to meet our customers needs while keeping the same quality standards at all times.